Sports Infrastructure

SI focuses on sports infrastructure in schools and clubs etc. Also, we do promote sports training in residential societies and building intellectual property across media platforms. Special training and clinic are also provided to the young players.

Every sport requires a different style of infrastructure and hence we are providing the same to young athletes. The importance of correct infrastructure helps young players to groom themselves and make a mark in the world of sports. Sports Ignite has a special module to provide a better base so that everyone can focus on training methods properly. Every athlete needs strong basic and the right amount of training. Our smart sports infrastructure allows our trainers to provide excessive training to kids for their promising sports future. We create a suitable platform for kids where they can improvise and prove their skills at a higher level. Not only in schools or clubs but our module allows us to provide proper training even in residential localities. Our platform is consist of multi-sports flooring for different needs like Badminton courts, Squash Courts, Basketball courts with Football and Hockey fields. For our young swimmers, we have built special pools with efficient changing rooms. Our major concern is safety and hence our each and every flooring is certified by their respective international bodies. For the better future, we need to make endless efforts and when it comes to sports the efforts become really important because it needs to be done in the right direction. Our smooth infrastructure behaves in asymmetry where every kid who loves sports can come and learn.

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